Annakutty V.K. Findeis, Bernard O. Ukwuegbu, Chukwudi E. Anya, Michael E. Okoronkwo, Ulrich Vollmer (eds.)

He Is not Far From Any of Us

Festschrift for Hans-Jürgen Findeis

2014. 919 S. 71,20 EUR. Hardcover. 170 x 240 mm. ISBN 978-3-936366-50-1

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As Scholarship in the field of biblical studies continues to diversify, there is an increasing need for dialogue between different approaches. In Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Findeis, one finds a commitment to promoting dialogue not only between biblical exegesis and other disciplines, but also between the different strands of the students of the Bible. His desire to de- and re-contextualise the Judeo-Christian scriptural and theological-philosophical studies led him to initiate intercultural and interreligious dialogical encounters with scholars of Holy Scriptures and World Religions.
This Festschrift, dedicated to his honour by former students, colleagues and friends, transcends borders between disciplines and contains articles by scholars from Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia and Africa. lt reaches out from exegetical cum biblical theological and philosophical themes to embrace Art, Literature and Poetry, reflecting Prof. Findeis’ critical understanding and empathetic engagement with European, African and lndian/Asian cultures.In it, the reader will find the one central and consistent message that Prof. Findeis tried so much to instill in his students all through his long academic career: the need to see beyond borders and widen one’s horizon without necessarily losing one's specific cultural identity.

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